It's not just about looks with Adam. Yes, he is ridiculously good looking. But he's so much more than that. He's also... um... a Sagittarius. Did we mention that he's a good looking man? That's why he's the heart throb. Because he makes hearts (and other organs) throb. He joined the band after he accidentally stumbled into an audition while trying to hide from hordes of teenage girls.

He litters. He loiters. He has no compunction about jaywalking. He'll download entire seasons of Game of Thrones illegally. It's no wonder why he's the bad boy of the group. He was recently arrested for vandalizing a Tim Horton's after he lost fifteen consecutive Roll Up The Rims. He joined the boy band as part of his court-ordered community service.

He's always cracking wise. Making funnies. He first hit the stage not as a singer, but as a stand-up comedian. He's the one that lightens the mood on the tour bus with a perfectly timed fart. Although he made his career in music, comedy remains his first love. He calls joining a boy band his greatest joke.

He cries every time he watches The Little Mermaid. He was discovered at a poetry open mic, weeping into a mug of chamomile tea over what he referred to as a "emotionally touching limerick." Obviously, Brian is the sensitive one. He is so sensitive that his nickname is Frenulum. He joined the boy band based on advice from his therapist.